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FSI Spanish Basic Course 4

Level 1 Unit 4

Foreign Service Institute & Dicendi

Genre: Spaans

Prijs: € 1,49

Publicatiedatum: 03-06-2018

Uitgever: Dicendi

Verkoper: Dicendi

COMPLETE LEVEL 1 (units 1-15) and COMPLETE LEVEL 2 (units 16-30) are also available as ONE BOOK editions. Please search for them on iBooks Store. Website: http://www.dicendipublishing.com ¿Habla español? Speak Spanish fluently! FSI Spanish Basic Course is the most comprehensive and systematic Spanish course ever produced. This new edition allows you to use this course to its full potential. FSI Spanish Basic Course is the perfect complement to any other Spanish learning material. It will help you master a large basic vocabulary and practice all aspects of Spanish grammar.​ Listen, learn, and repeat the dialogues. Practice the drills​ at your own pace. In no time, you will be speaking Spanish fluently​​. This carefully designed book includes: DIALOGUE • three separate audio recordings: listen, learn, repeat • pop-over translations and notes • pop-over vocabulary breakdown GRAMMAR • clear grammatical tables • recorded example sentences DRILLS • wide variety of short drills: substitution, response, translation, and much more • drill answers that can be shown or hidden NARRATIVES AND DIALOGUES • with natural speed audio recordings for listening practice Each book also includes all the iBooks built-in features. You can: • look up the definition of words in Spanish and Spanish-English dictionaries • practice dialogue sentences and grammar examples with flashcards • bookmark pages, highlight passages and make notes • sync bookmarks, highlights and notes with your other devices • and more This book will help you make the most of the delightful FSI Spanish Basic Course, and learn Spanish with ease and speed. ¡Buena suerte!

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