Oncology Basics – Harry D Wood IV & Morag Currin

Harry D Wood IV & Morag Currin - Oncology Basics kunstwerk

Oncology Basics
The Bridge Between Beauty and Medicine
Harry D Wood IV & Morag Currin

Genre: Geneeskunde

Prijs: € 22,99

Publicatiedatum: 13-07-2016

Uitgever: Six Figure LLC

Verkoper: Sixfigure LLC

This interactive multi-media book is designed for basic knowledge of cancer today. Designed for the professionals in the beauty industry to understand the process of what clients, guests, and friends will go through after their diagnosis. We want to be able to provide a better service and have confident, knowledgable professionals that can be empathetic, and caring during the hardest times in a persons life. We also believe in raising the standards and incomes in the industry. Take your career and conversation to the next level by helping us bridge the gap between beauty and medicine. 

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