Physiology of the Senses – Tutis Vilis

Tutis Vilis - Physiology of the Senses kunstwerk

Physiology of the Senses

Tutis Vilis

Genre: Geneeskunde

Prijs: € 3,99

Publicatiedatum: 28-01-2016

Uitgever: Tutis Vilis

Verkoper: Tutis Vilis

This book is unique in that it presents sensory physiology to college level students through problem solving and graphic rich animations. Chapter 1. The Eye Chapter 2. The Primary Visual Cortex Chapter 3. Visual Perception of Objects Chapter 4. Visual Motion Chapter 5. The Cerebral Association Cortex Chapter 6. Visually Guided Actions Chapter 7. Touch, Pain, Taste and Smell Chapter 8. Muscle Sense Chapter 9. Hearing Chapter 10. Balance Chapter 11. Eye Movements Chapter 12. Memory

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